How To Live and Die For Jesus

This week our journey through Acts takes us to chapters 6 – 7, the account of Stephen. We met Stephen a couple of weeks ago as he was one of the men chosen to minister to the widows and orphans in the new and growing church. He was described as a man who was “full of the Spirit and wisdom”. In this passage, we’ll get the rest of Stephen’s story. He was the first person to die for his faith in Jesus Christ — the first Christian martyr. The word martyr comes from the Greek word for witness or testifier. Stephen stands as an example of what it means to live – and die – for Christ. Read through Acts 6 – 7 sometime this week and get your heart ready to receive the Word!

Thanks to our Youth Coordinator, Andy Dressler, for leading the service and bringing the message last Sunday!

Songs we’re singing this week: “I Will Follow”, “Blessed Be Your Name”, “This Is My Father’s World” and “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”.