Good News

This week we will wrap up our summer sermon series on Elijah and Elisha.  In 2 Kings 6 – 7 Samaria was under siege and there was a great famine in the city.  Four men decided to risk leaving the safety of the city to go into the enemy camp, hoping they would be spared and find some food.  What a surprise to find that the army had fled and left all their food, drink, silver, gold, and clothes!

As the four men began filling their hungry stomachs and hauling away the plunder, they paused and said, “We’re not doing right.  This is a day of good news and we are keeping it to ourselves.”

Those words, stuck in an obscure story in the Old Testament, are a glimpse of the gospel.

There is a famine in our land as well — people are hungry for truth and desperate for meaning and purpose.  We who believe in the One True God have riches beyond measure.  It would not be right to keep it to ourselves.  The good news of 2 Kings and the good news of the gospels is still good news today!  Share it with someone!