Elijah’s Rebuke

We love having our grandchildren come to visit.  Spending time with them, watching them and playing with them is a joy. 

They can be in a wonderful mood and then shift like lightning into something out of the twilight zone.  Suddenly, one will start crying loudly and we wonder what the problem is.  It turns out that one has a toy and the other one wants it.  That, in a nut shell, seems to be what’s wrong with the world.  This kind of behavior isn’t simply common within the Overlien household — it’s everywhere.  

This is exactly what we find in 1 Kings 21.  King Ahab saw a beautiful vineyard next to his summer cottage and he wanted it. His desire for what someone else had led him to unjustly take what was not his.  Because of this, the entire community was compromised, someone innocent was murdered, and Ahab came face to face once again with the prophet Elijah.