Monthly Archives: November 2018

The Sound of Silence

This week we will continue to prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ Child. After Malachi wrote down the final word of the last Old Testament book, God went silent for 400 years. Most people are not very comfortable with an extended period of silence. We are used to noise, action and sound-bites […]

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Return Thanks

This week we will prepare for Thanksgiving by looking at Luke 17:11-19. In this account, Jesus healed ten lepers, but only one returned to say “thank you.” The only difference between the nine and the one who returned was that the one chose not to forget what Jesus had done for him. The secret of […]

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God Is Always Good

This week we will be looking at Joseph as we continue in our series “Faith Confirming Accounts: Building Confidence from God’s Truth.” One third of the book of Genesis is given to Joseph’s account. It’s an intriguing story — good enough to be made into a Broadway musical. Through many years of ups and downs, […]

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