Why Not More?

I hope everyone was blessed last week as we celebrated the Risen Christ! Why stop the celebration now? The season of Easter extends for 40 days past the resurrection. Let’s keep it rolling!

This week we will look at Luke 24:1-12. The disciples were filled with questions and unbelief, but it didn’t matter — Jesus had risen from the dead anyway.

Frederick Buechner wrote, “It has always struck me as remarkable that when the writers of the four Gospels come to the most important part of the story they have to tell, they tell it in whispers. The part I mean, of course, is the part about the resurrection. The Jesus who was dead is not dead anymore. He has risen. He is here. According to the Gospels there was no choir of angels to proclaim it.”

Maybe that’s our job.

See you in church!

Songs we’re singing this week:

8:00 a.m. — “Christ is Alive” and “Up From the Grave He Arose”

10:30 a.m. — “Happy Day”, “God Is Able” and “The Cross Has the Final Word”