Matthew 8 – The Faith of the Centurion

This Sunday we’ll be looking at Matthew 8:5-13.

When a Roman soldier came to Jesus, he didn’t appear to be the kind of person who would have much faith.  Roman soldiers served Caesar and were hardened, military men.  Yet, because this centurion was a man under authority and also the commander of 100 soldiers, he understood the chain of command.  “Just say the word,” he said to Jesus, “and my servant will be healed.” This Gentile Roman soldier was the only one in the scriptures whose faith amazed Jesus.

When the Jewish scribes and Pharisees came to Jesus, they looked like religious, devout men, but wouldn’t accept the words of Jesus. “Show us a miraculous sign if you want us to believe in you.”  

There’s danger in looking like good Christian followers, but not really believing in the authority of Jesus’ words.  Let’s spend some time searching the Word this week and let it search our hearts!

See you Sunday!

Songs we’re singing this week:

8:00 a.m. — “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and “Precious Name”

10:30 a.m. —   “Here For You”, “Whom Shall I Fear?” and “He Knows My Name”