Matthew 1: Forgiveness is a Miracle

Matthew was one of The Twelve disciples.  Before Jesus called him to follow, Matthew (also known as Levi) was a tax collector, a despised person in the eyes of the Jewish people.  Matthew experienced the love and forgiveness of the Master, and it changed his life.  Matthew began his account of Jesus’ life at the beginning, giving us a full family tree and a detailed report of Jesus’ birth.  This Sunday, we’ll look at this event from Joseph’s standpoint.

Imagine what it was like for young Joseph when he learned of his fiancé, Mary’s, pregnancy.  On a public level, he was facing embarrassment, betrayal and humiliation.  On a personal level, he was probably dealing with heart-breaking disappointment and feelings of rejection.  God sent an angel to step in and assure Joseph to go ahead with the marriage, but lingering questions and doubts may have dogged him.

Sometime back, there was a Christmas song entitled, “Forgiveness Is A Miracle”.  I know what you’re thinking — it’s too early for a Christmas message!  But I say — it’s never too early for a forgiveness message!

See you on Sunday!

Scripture passage for Sunday, September 27th: Matthew 1:18-25

Songs we’re singing on Sunday, September 13th  8:00 – “Freely, Freely” and “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”

10:30 – “This Is Amazing Grace”, “Amazing Love” and “Holy Spirit”