Listening With the Heart

This week at Emanuel, we will be digging into Acts 8:26-40.  This passage gives all of us a picture of a person who is willing to serve God wherever he finds himself. Philip is an example of joyful obedience. He was given a message in verse 26 — “Go”, so “he started out”. Again, in verse 29, the Spirit told Philip “Go” — and “Philip ran”.

I hope that is the way we all would like to be. In order to serve God like Philip, we need to do three things: 1) Be sensitive to the Lord’s leading, 2) Listen to people around us, 3) Take advantage of the opportunities we are given.

And when we hear the Spirit whisper, “Go”, let’s run!

Songs we’re singing this week: “Our God”, “Good, Good Father”, “I Sing the Almighty Power of God” and “I Stand Amazed in the Presence”.

Rally Day and the kick off to Sunday School will be on September 11th!