How Might We Respond?

This Sunday’s message will be focusing on Acts 4:23-31 as we continue in our study of the book of Acts.

Last week we heard how Peter and John were called to appear before the Jewish leaders and were told to stop preaching in Jesus’ name. Peter told the religious ruling council that they had to obey God rather than man, and that they couldn’t help speaking out. In others words, they told the Sanhedrin, “No.”

Peter and John could have been overcome with fear. They could have considered the consequences and backed off. They could have become depressed and weary of the conflict.

But that is not what happened. They went back to their friends and reported what had happened with a spirit of faith, not fear. They joined together in prayer, asking for God to give them boldness to continue doing what had gotten them in trouble.

What drives you — fear or faith?

Songs we’re singing this week:

“Your Grace Is Enough”, “Thank You”, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”, and “Blessed Be the Tie That Binds”.