From Saul to Paul

This week we will witness the transformative power of Jesus Christ in the life of Saul. Take a few minutes to read Acts 9:1-22 sometime this week.

I imagine that when Ananias told Saul that Jesus died in his place, for his sin and that God was offering him forgiveness and a new beginning, Saul might have shook his head in disbelief. Perhaps he thought, “That may be true for some, but it couldn’t be true for me. I killed Christians. I pursued and tortured His followers.”

Can God’s grace be extended to such a man as Saul? Oh yes! And to such as you and I. Halleluia!

Songs we’re singing this week:

“Happy Day”, Amazing Grace: My Chains Are Gone”, “I Stand Amazed in the Presence”, “Nothing Between”

See you in church this Sunday!

Rally Day is coming on September 11th!