Monthly Archives: June 2019

When You Wonder Why

This week we will continue in our series on Joseph from Genesis 41:1-4. Faith becomes real in times of frustration, discouragement and disappointment. It is at these times when we must decide if we really do believe that “all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to […]

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Run Away

This week we will continue in the sermon series on Joseph, from Genesis 39. Temptation is unavoidable, but the longer we wait to say “no”, the harder it is to do so. Instead of acting decisively against sin, we flirt and see how far we can go without getting into trouble.¬†We stare, we imagine, we […]

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Report From the Trenches

This week we are blessed to have Quint and Chelsey Baldwin and their family here to update us on their work at Auburn University with the Navigators. We have supported their very successful mission work for many years. It’s a joy to welcome them as they share about their mission work along with their love […]

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