Monthly Archives: April 2018

Put It All Behind Us Now

This week we will look at John 21:15-19. Many of us are tied in knots with resentment and bitterness. Something may have happened in our past and we have not forgotten. Every one of us has people who have hurt us. Perhaps it was an unkind word, a betrayal, or an abuse. We’ve experienced disappointment […]

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Clearing Their Heads

This week we will be looking at John 21:1-13. This was Jesus’ third post-resurrection appearance with His disciples. It had been a long night of fishing. Although being out on the lake was peaceful, no fish were biting. For professional fishermen, this would have been frustrating. Yet, it was in this very circumstance that God […]

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The Great Reversal

This week we will be looking at John 16:20-22. In this passage, Jesus foretold about the disciples’ great grief that would be turned into stunning joy. Out of the jaws of defeat, Christ’s resurrection was a life-changing victory. Jesus transformed the cross from a memory of torturous death into a living memorial of triumph. Even […]

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