Monthly Archives: August 2017

As Jesus Would Do

When we trust in Christ Jesus as Savior, His righteousness is put on our account. The debt that we owed was paid in full by Christ on the cross. As children of God, we are now accepted, welcomed and loved into the family circle. That is a truth that should never bore us, but only drive us to […]

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God Sees the Heart

This week we will look at the Old Testament prophet Samuel, who was in leadership when the Israelites asked for a king. Samuel saw the rise and fall of Saul and then went on to anoint David as King. Samuel’s role was to instruct these men to follow God’s ways, which was why it was […]

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Weakness Made Strong

This week we will continue with our summer series, looking at Old Testament characters. Samson gets four chapters in the book of Judges, following his life from birth to death (Judges 13-16). He also gets a mention in the Faith Hall of Fame as found in Hebrews 11. There is more to Samson than his […]

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